Bolton Cares

We are pleased to be working now with Bolton Cares, an independent non-profit organisation whose shares are wholly owned by Bolton Council and which, in various ways, has expressed its support for the work of Bolton Newstalk.


Our membership numbers have been variable and not easy to establish accurately, but we have about 105 active members, including Studio Engineers, Producers, Copiers and Readers, and (again approximately) just under 200 listeners.


It has been pleasing to note that the number of Studio Engineers, where there was often a shortage, has risen to six, with more interest being expressed. There are seven Producers, who spend time over a week to select and present the material from The Bolton News and from other sources. It is to be hoped that future rotas of team compositions can avoid the same Producer working with the same Studio Engineer each time; a little cross-fertilisation and inter-action can only contribute to the standard of our programmes.